From concept to construction, we create exceptional turnkey projects with a personal touch. Blending innovation and tradition, we ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Design project

It is an ethical code that manifests itself in the way we manage each step in the implementation of a turnkey project, starting from a technical and economic analysis of the concept, and ending with the actual construction and interior design works.


Analysing spaces and needs and considering how to restore style and ambiance to an environment are the first stage in the process, throughout which Indelux provides close support to the client, architect or designer.


The company’s business continues successfully to satisfy the most varied needs of custom-made furniture, using the most modern processing technologies without departing from the artisan essence, the soul of the company. we develops the complete production cycle of the product including finishing and assembly; the technical staff produces and engineering the layouts of products and prototypes using any material thanks to the processing technologies acquired from production.

Project Management

Decorating each environment with a personal touch, keeping constantly abreast of industry trends and innovations, working in harmony with different partners and fully respecting our customers’ choices and wishes to create custom projects: this operating approach guarantees an exclusive and first-rate turnkey service, enabling Indelux to become a top-level player in the contract and interiors sectors.


The project takes shape, develops and evolves into the final product.

- Pre-assembly of raw furniture in the company.
- Shipping and logistics.
- Worldwide delivery and assembly.
- We assembly in loco with our local team experts.


We take care that the product arrives at its own destination and that it is taken and assembled by our local team of professional fitters, that can guarantee the highest quality of the final product.

We also offer post-installation support in case of problems and adjustments for our beloved customers.



A contemporary dining area with a marble table, gray upholstered chairs, and elegant decor, complemented by soft lighting and artwork on the walls.