Our creative

Sam Robin

Sam Robin, with a career profoundly rooted in luxury interior design, has cultivated a commendable reputation through years of dedicated practice. Her collaborative endeavors with Indelux highlight her ability to transcend traditional design paradigms. Particularly noteworthy among these collaborations is the ambitious interior design project undertaken for the brand-new residences on Fisher Island, a peaceful yet lavish haven located a mere five kilometers from central Miami.

Augusto Busnelli

Augusto Busnelli is an architect from Milan who started his career in 1967, focusing on interior design for luxury spaces. He collaborated with renowned architects and designers, founding Studio Architectura in 1995. His partnership with Indelux has expanded his design horizons, creating projects that harmonize aesthetics and functionality. Busnelli's work exemplifies elegance and practicality, contributing to modern architecture and interior design.

Champalimaud Design

Champalimaud Design, founded by Alexandra Champalimaud, is a New York-based design studio specializing in luxury hospitality interior design. The studio is committed to expressing the unique character of each space through extraordinary design, creating some of the world’s most distinctive properties by transforming context and heritage into compelling stories and unparalleled experiences. Champalimaud Design has crafted extraordinary spaces across the globe, from Asia to America, whether in five-star hotels or private residences.

Francesco Caracciolo di Marano

Francesco Caracciolo di Marano, as the Product Designer at Robicara, contributes to the brand's twenty-year legacy of custom furniture and accessory creation. Specializing in ébéniste craftsmanship, Robicara uses materials like shagreen and parchment to craft pieces for luxury spaces. Francesco's role in the Indelux collaboration reinforces the brand’s commitment to unique, client-centric design.

M2 Atelier – Bonelli Radovic

M2 Atelier, led by Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic, boasts 20 years of experience and a team of 25 designers. Their global engagements span residential, interior design, fashion retail, and yachting. They explore materials, spatial dynamics, and proportions with meticulous detail. Their designs transcend boundaries, offering enthralling and experiential creations that redefine conventions.

Matteo Nunziati

Matteo Nunziati, born in 1972, is a renowned international architect and designer. His Milan-based studio, established in 2000, specializes in luxury hotels, wellness centers, and residential projects across the globe. Notable collaborations with the Trump Organization and prestigious awards like the RIBA 2018 highlight his eminence. Nunziati's design seamlessly combines interior architecture with Italian-made excellence.

Günther Thöny

Günther Thöny, based in Schaan, Liechtenstein, is an interior design professional. He and his team adopt a personalized approach to craft spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, reflecting the distinct preferences of each client. Despite a wide range of collaborations and projects, Günther Thöny's commitment to personal consultation underscores a client-centric approach, guaranteeing bespoke design solutions that align with individual needs and aspirations.

Christina Leon – Ford Interiors

Christina Leon, with over 20 years of experience, is the creative force behind Ford Interiors, a Miami-based design firm.  Renowned for seamlessly combining modern elegance and functionality, Christina and her team create welcoming spaces. Their design approach harmonizes innovation with the enduring charm of classic designs, guaranteeing that each space not only aligns with contemporary aesthetics but also exudes timeless allure.

Giorgos Vafiadis

Giorgos Vafiadis, a yachting world leader designer, blends innovation with tailored luxury. His design philosophy centers on understanding clients, and crafting visually captivating and functional spaces. Every yacht he create epitomizes luxury, comfort, and efficiency. His portfolio marries modernity with timeless elegance, reflecting owners' lifestyles and the allure of the sea.

Tamara Feldman

Tamara Feldman, an interior designer influenced by Mexico City's culture, adopts a modern, clean style in her work. Educated in Art and Architecture in New York and Miami, with further training in Tokyo, she incorporates a global perspective into her designs. Committed to reflecting clients' values, Tamara has built a loyal following through innovative, lasting designs. Her firm emphasizes a systematic process and trend awareness.

Michael Foroutan

Michael Foroutan, a renowned interior designer hailing from Los Angeles, and the esteemed CEO and Founder of UNICI Casa. As a true trendsetter of the West Coast, Michael's expertise in interior design and event planning has left an indelible mark on the industry. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for creating unforgettable experiences, Michael Foroutan has consistently elevated the world of interior design and event management, making him a distinguished figure in the field.

Antrobus & Ramirez

Antrobus & Ramirez, a Miami-based international design studio founded by Alison Antrobus and Ruby Ramirez, embodies a unique "Design Intelligence" philosophy rooted in their diverse cultural influences. With a background honed alongside renowned designers, they've made their mark on global projects, from Miami to Vienna. Their approach blends modern aesthetics with practical functionality, showcased in projects like Palazzo Del Sol condominiums on Fisher Island.