Palazzo della Luna, a timeless contemporary residence

The residence interior developed at Palazzo Della Luna by Indelux is a perfect example of a create distinctive living environments with international appeal. A space created for those who look for a discreet form of refinement with attention to details.


Fisher Island, USA



Design by

Augusto Busnelli

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The understanding and appreciation for the non ostentatious details that are slowly discovered and understood is a core of the interior design project. The materials were selected taking into account the seaside location as well as inspiration from the natural surroundings that the location is immersed in.

For Fisher Island in particular, light is fundamental and therefore the environment reflects that unique Miami feel with a fresh and sunny approach while taking into account and using well defined shadows.

With this in mind, the woods are light both on the millwork and flooring. This was combined with white lacquer and well placed small accents of bold colors that reflect the life of both Miami and the Ocean. This idea contines with the use of natural fabrics such as linen and cotton with shades ranging from different tonalities of whites and natural cord colors with accents of blues, ocras, greys and beige.

We can define the style as “timeless” contemporary, but above all the design of the interior was chosen for a feeling of “relax and welcoming” in lieu of ostentatious.

In this way the design of the space encourages meeting of friends and socializing. The final and fundamental touch was the study of all the details that went into the design of the custom furniture which brings to life the overall design