Panama City, an oasis of peace and informal luxury

Panama, the southernmost Central American country, famous for the isthmus that takes its name, where the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans meet.





Design by

Indelux Studio
Arch. Augusto Busnelli

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The apartment developed and furnished by Indelux overlooks the sea, not far from the capital city, in a recently built residential complex.

Spacious and bright, it stands out for its contemporary and informal design, enhanced by the cleaver use of wood and lighting. The key word in this project is balance: between the different surfaces, some covered and some not; between the colours, mainly neutral, and between the materials used, which reflect the owners’ desire to endow the rooms with a sense of lightness and relaxation.

The main details in the living area as well as in the bedrooms are made of bronzed brass, almost black, combined with carefully selected natural fabrics, such as linen, wool, and vegetable fibres for the carpets. The choice of fine marbles, such as the Sahara Noir and Calacatta Gold, and custom-made lighting accessories, created specifically for this project, enrich the apartment and are perfectly in line with the concept of sober luxury set out at the start of the project.

The great attention to details is especially obvious in the bedrooms, fitted with spacious built-in wardrobes with ionization system.