A designer villa on lake maggiore

Where eclecticism and modern elegance come together.

The extraordinary residential setting of this newly built villa located on the shores of Lake Maggiore gives it a peculiar, eclectic atmosphere, with a retro feel and ‘70s-inspired elements, combined with an impeccable, ultra-modern style.


Lake Maggiore, ITALY



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Our attention is steered towards several interesting features that add to the charm of this villa, with its three-dimensional geometric shapes that give it a distinctive flair.

The extensive use of high-quality materials such as bronze, marble and fine wood finishes, as well as the extravagant architectural details of the rooms, make this residence an excellent example of creative freedom.

This atmosphere, further enhanced by special technologies used to move lights incorporated into the furnishing elements, is partly emphasised by the different thicknesses of the walls, which create unique colourful patterns on the surfaces.