Fisher Island, USA

Fisher Island

An exclusive residence with a breathtaking view of the city

An elitist oasis where quality, research, and Made in Italy are core values

A true paradise, the recently built Palazzo del Sol, with its ten floors styled in Mediterranean elegance, hosts some of the most sought-after residences in the world. This project, executed with meticulous attention to detail, features interiors that blend casual refinement with the rationality of clean, linear forms and a relaxing palette of grey hues.

Sam Robin

Design & Development

The apartment, which appears to be suspended above the water, is an incredibly bright space where every element seems to be drawn towards the outdoors and selected for its relaxing essence, celebrating the spirit of the surroundings.

Wood's rich grains add an earthy charm to the design, narrating nature's tales.

Fabrics blend texture and color, merging function and aesthetics, revitalizing bare spaces.