Saudi Arabia


A modern living area with wooden wall panels, a large TV, comfortable seating, and a seaside view through expansive windows.

Seaview in the Dunes

Tri-level villa elegance fuses innovative design with supreme functionality, establishing the benchmark in luxurious living

Our latest architectural venture in Saudi unveils a three-level villa over 2,000 sqm, crafted for the connoisseur. It embodies the ultimate in design acumen, merging bespoke functionality with luxurious finishes. Strategic spatial dynamics are paired with exceptional materials, establishing an unrivaled standard for sophisticated coastal living.

Design & Development

This photograph captures the ethereal beauty of vast desert dunes. The gentle curves and ridges, shaped by the whims of the wind, dance under a soft golden light, offering a mesmerizing symphony of shadow and form. The pristine ambiance is amplified by the expansive sky, creating a harmonious blend of tranquility and grandeur.
This villa is a landmark of contemporary design, with every element from the clean lines to the calculated spatial distribution underscoring a commitment to both form and utility, offering an exceptional seaside living experience for the discerning.

Wood's rich grains add an earthy charm to the design, narrating nature's tales.

Fabrics blend texture and color, merging function and aesthetics, revitalizing bare spaces.

Leather blends luxury, durability, and elegance, enriching spaces or ensembles.

Marble's veined appearance and cool surface epitomize enduring elegance.

Glass melds delicacy and strength, embodying modern minimalism.