In recent years, what is called Luxury Contract has made great strides. The question arises, and that is what really made this success possible? We cannot help but say that we are talking about a very complex concept that encompasses many steps necessary to take so that the contract could truly become luxury. That is, we talk about the adoption of customized IT systems, the creation of partnerships to build a district, the flexibility in the management of changes and the management of raw materials. Virtuous behaviors, therefore and interconnected with each other that start above all from the idea that even the craftsman must be evolved in the luxury contract. This was the first key to reaching the compromise between luxury and contract. A furniture company must know how to change continuously and rapidly, and this cannot be done except with highly technological tools. Secondly, it was the creation of partnerships to build a more quality company that really made the difference. Many experts in the sector have explained that it is much easier and faster to collaborate with an advanced craftsman who is equipped with adequate computer systems. We are not talking about a direct supplier and customer contact but a collaboration between partners designed to create a district of suppliers who speak the same language as you. Today, if the supplier has evolved, with a CAD that allows him to receive the information that can facilitate the design up to 3D for the company and for him to start from there to develop the information he needs, in the way he wants. Taking advantage of the same communication systems therefore makes it possible to network by exploiting the different skills of all the operators involved, optimizing both time and resources.

Flexibility in managing changes is another point that allowed the birth of the Modern Luxury Contract. Many experts highlight the importance of using tools that are absolutely flexible in managing changes, even last minute. In this sense we speak of a double flexibility: that of the systems – which must allow to intervene in the best way and in the shortest possible time – and that of the work team.

The customer in the Luxury segment is increasingly demanding and requires products of excellent quality, to be delivered in ever shorter times. From this point of view, however, it is very important to use an order management platform that is usable by everyone, to avoid that – in the absence of the designer – the entire production machine stops, with all the consequences that would ensue. The management of raw materials also makes a difference. The problem of the supply of raw materials often arises, since more and more personalized orders compromise the use of the product from the warehouse. Hence, having systems that allow you to calculate the requirement in advance becomes a need that cannot be postponed both in terms of costs and optimization of production times. Here is where the Luxury contract is born