The world of Design has grown enormously in Italy and abroad, until we ended up talking about Luxury Design. This term refers to a very particular style, out of the ordinary, which has as its sole objective the achievement of beauty or an aesthetic condition different from the usual. We are talking about a unique, elegant, beautiful to look at style, where modernity, technology, ecological sustainability and much more are not lacking. When we start with luxury interior design we refer to a more refined type of furniture for the home. It adapts to a specific slice of the market, not only for costs but also for the type of design that is created and for the use made of the house itself.

The substantial difference from the classic design is represented by the use of highly selected materials, the prestigious and personalized finishes, the craftsmanship with attention to detail. Luxury interior design is appreciated by modern lovers as much as by those who prefer more traditional, classic environments. The Luxury style is able to go beyond the practical function of the furnishings and their comfort, aiming at aesthetic pleasure. The most particular and convenient part of an Italian luxury furniture, in addition of course to the beauty and elegance, lies in the quality of the same. Luxury Design makes use of the quality of made in Italy materials from woodworking to that of metal, marble and many other materials. Fabrics are also part of the discussion. All without ever forgetting the trend of the moment, namely the attention to eco-sustainability. The defense of the environment and the importance of having regard for our planet, over the years it has become the most established in interior design: not only through the use of natural materials, but with recycling and reuse for the creation of functional objects.

Let’s not forget further, that luxury also means an eye on home automation and a multifunctional home. Luxury is not only beautiful to look at but also full of features. Space must be given to hi-tech technology and functional furnishing solutions. The luxury appliances are of particular importance: real design elements, perfectly in style with the luxurious context. As regards specifically the furniture and elements that are part of the design, we remind you that they must be shapely and fluid, because they must be able to give a certain fluidity to the environments: rounded and enveloping lines, far from the concept of essentiality.

The question arises at this point almost spontaneously, or what does the Luxury interior designer do? He is a highly sought after and fashionable professional who creates a precise environment, at the request of the client’s needs. In order for the home of the latter to be in line with the trends and fashions of the moment, the Designer listens to what the owners have to ask. The Luxury interior designer is specialized in furnishing commercial, residential and office spaces and environments of great value and elegance and therefore committed to the creation of original and unique environments, aesthetically beautiful and at the same time comfortable and functional to satisfy even the most particular and refined aesthetic tastes.