When one wonders what Luxury Design is, one immediately thinks of something terribly expensive, something modern and perhaps exclusive. This is certainly true but only partially. Luxury in the world of furniture is a concept more than anything else. Let’s see something more about it together Order, harmony and light are three fundamental requirements within Luxury Design. You have to think of this mood as a set of clean, minimal and essential lines.

The fusion of luxury and modernity leads to banishing clutter or furniture which, although classy, ​​seems to be crammed in at random: absolutely not! A harmonious and balanced composition must be obtained, which gives an impression of order and if there is a lot of light, natural if possible, otherwise artificially recreated, it is even better. It is all a question of quality, but also of quantity: the rule is little but good. You don’t have to fill the house with frills because luxury is synonymous with the right decorations, few but really able to make a difference within the world of interior design. The feeling that those who come into contact with what modern luxury interior design should feel is that of having to deal with elements and furniture designed specifically for that space, of which they are part and to which they belong.

The difference is also made by the use of materials that meet the needs of the environment and care for details. What wouldn’t you do for a modern and luxurious home? For the creation of a luxury design that can truly correspond to the canons of luxury as we have just described, you don’t have to leave anything to chance. You need to pay attention to furniture, colors, combinations, materials. In particular, the latter like sustainable, natural or recycled ones, which in addition to aesthetic needs marry a need for respect for the environment that has spread in recent years. This is why they should never care for natural materials, natural fabrics and even some metals, perhaps only for finishing, which absolutely must not be left to chance. All these are materials that blend together perfectly giving a feeling of airiness.

Last but not least, it also remembers the importance of colors, which must be soft and clear. If you are wondering why the answer is simple: you have to decorate by creating continuity of lines. And this continuity can only be guaranteed by colors that are not too excessive, but neutral and light, such as grays or beiges, enhanced by natural or direct artificial light. To furnish a house in a luxurious and modern style, great attention must be paid to having consistency between one room and another. We need continuity in lines, materials and shapes. Even the decorations, while not having to be excessive or too many, must be thought with care. Carpets, cushions, if possible works of art enrich the rooms, making them unique and inimitable, just as the luxury interior design prescribes. What we have said is true regardless of the type of place you are furnishing.