What are we talking about when we talk about luxury contract professionals? From the General Contractor to the subcontractor, from the hospitality and hotel sector to the furnishing of luxury ships and yachts: how to frame the contract furniture? Who are the figures involved and how? We analyze them below.


The general contractor is defined as the coordinator of the contract order. He is the one who manages the relationship with trusted suppliers of various types, specialized in the creation of furnishings, systems, finishes and all types of services. It generally interfaces with the architectural firm chosen by the client. He is ultimately responsible for project delivery and sets deadlines and timelines with individual suppliers.


 Instead, we speak of interior contractor to indicate the professional who has the task of taking care of the furniture in a Contract project. You can take care of every aspect as a whole: from design to production of each area to be furnished or you can refer to sub-suppliers or contractors who are involved in designing and/or manufacturing only some parts of the furniture. In turn, the interior contractors can operate in three macro-areas. We have the fit out which represents the category that includes fixed and environment-related finishes; specifically we are talking about flooring and cladding, but also fixed furnishings such as wardrobes, walk-in closets, open furniture, kitchens, doors, wood paneling. The company receives the specifications by interfacing with the architectural firm chosen by the client.

The Furniture, Fictures and Equipment, on the other hand, is the team that takes care of the furniture furnishings and all the various types of equipment that do not have a permanent connection with the building structure. Usually this category includes upholstery, decorative lighting, carpets, technical and decorative curtains, works of art and internal signage. In fact, you must keep in mind that furniture belonging to this type of furniture is not necessarily tailor-made: it can also be products from the catalog of design brands.

However, a large supply of this type should not be confused with a contract order: specifically, we are talking about contract when the furniture is designed and produced to measure for the specific context. Also in the interior contractor there is also the Groups of Operating Supplies & Equipment, or those who deal with products and objects customized with the manager’s logo (for example in a hotel they can be sheets with a logo): this is the area that least interests furniture companies. All the contract figures are specialized to find ideal solutions for optimal management of orders. We study and prepare ourselves to be part of this very special world that today is more in vogue than others for the fees it offers to customers. Therefore, every time a house needs to be refurbished, Luxury Design has what is right for you.