What is the Luxury Contract

For some years we have been talking more and more often in magazines specialized in furniture and interior design, or on the occasion of dedicated events, about Contract Luxury. It is a new trend that brings many advantages, even if its definition is not, indeed it cannot be univocal. Let’s find out together what it is.


The luxury contract is an “all inclusive” type of luxury furniture. It includes not only the accessories, but also the part dedicated to tapestries, paintings and everything that can be used to make a classy and welcoming environment. By contacting professionals in the sector, you will see custom-made furnishings in your home through the use of luxury furniture and are chosen and made by third-party companies through a coordinator.
In Contract luxury, an environment is conceived and designed down to the smallest detail, starting from the initial design, passing through the installation of the systems up to the last details regarding the furnishings. If this is your definition, on the other hand it is important not to get confused with the simple purchase of luxury furniture. This is because the concept we are analyzing does not refer to the supply of furnishings that are all the same, but to projects carried out from a broader, more subjective and personal perspective. It does not even concern the creation of custom-made furniture because Contract luxury does not only deal with furniture but also includes the laying of floors, walls, painting, plasterboard and masonry works, if needed. In Contract Design, a furniture project is conceived from start to finish. All the projects carried out by a company that works in this mood have in common the fact that they are unique and unforgettable. The choice of the General Contractor is in fact essential to guarantee a result with a sure emotional impact.


A company that deals with Contract Design does not need to make furniture or have handcrafted models available. In fact, some of these companies decide to create collaborations with other important brands in the sector. This guarantees continuous research and proposals that are always in step with the times. Using this internal company strategy it becomes easier to customize the project tailored to the applicant. In fact, a customer, turning to a company that makes Luxury Contract, will tell about the type of environment he intends to create, the atmosphere he hopes to create in his home. Only in a second step will the company deal with Contract luxury and give shape to this idea.
Being flexible is perhaps the skills par excellence, so it is important that such a company does not also focus on the production and sale of furniture. Even if present within the same company, they must be two separate compartments. Once the budget and the project have been defined, the various professionals can be involved: engineers, interior designers, architects, craftsmen and service providers. It is important that all partners involved in a project are reliable. In fact, one of the advantages of contacting a Contract Design company is that the relationships with suppliers and the various collaborations are now proven.